Nature & enjoyment


Vital Suisse

My company “Agrow Suisse” is more than a job. That's why it's important to me that every new project fits me and my values. Because this is the only way I can achieve the best results!

We all have a passion for something.

This is mine!

I started doing it 30 years ago and have gotten better and better over the years. In 2021 I took the leap into 100% self-employment.

With strong partners at my side and new motivation every day to enrich the world with health and joy, I learn from everyone
New things every day.

I love this intensive, honest work.

For a great product. An ancient power.

The power of nature!

Enjoy, as we do, our rich CBD products, organically grown, as well as numerous, high-quality ones
Products that will enrich your everyday life.

- CHRIS, owner & founder -