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Vital Suisse

Lavender honey 2024

Lavender honey 2024

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Agrow Suisse Lavender Honey 2024

The lovely, sweet composition of natural Swiss organic honey and high-quality organic lavender flower extracts from our own, hand-picked harvest.

100% Switzerland, 100% power of nature.

Swiss honey from private beekeeping, uniquely combined and refined with lavender in a complex process.

Information & properties about the ingredients:

Lavender has a calming effect , which is why it is used against inner restlessness, exhaustion, sleep disorders, anxiety and migraines. Lavender also has positive properties for stomach problems and flatulence, just as its bilious properties can help with bilious problems.

Honey is healthy!

In addition, honey has a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effect and, thanks to its high phosphorus content, has a calming effect on the mind and soul . A real superfood! Due to its different sugar compounds and fruit acids, honey also has a positive effect on coughs and sore throats. 

A magnificent result that wants to be enjoyed!

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