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Agrow Suisse

Organic cedar nut oil cold pressed from Siberia

Organic cedar nut oil cold pressed from Siberia

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Fine vegetable oil from Siberian cedar nut - direct import from Siberia

Our cedar nut oil is obtained from the nuts of the Siberian cedar. Direct import from Siberia. Cedar nuts are the seeds of cedar trees that grow under strictly controlled biological conditions in Siberia.

The vitamin E, which is abundantly contained in cedar nut oil, protects the cells. A high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids makes cedar nut oil particularly valuable for a health-conscious diet, and the gentle, cold-pressed manufacturing process preserves the valuable ingredients.

A nut-like aroma for fine cuisine

Agrow Suisse cedar nut oil - directly imported from Siberia - tastes like a nut and is ideal for:

* Roast meat

* Deep frying

* Cook

* for preparing various types of cold dishes such as salads and smoothies.

Each bottle of cedar nut oil from Agrow Suisse contains 50 ml of the highest quality organic cedar nut oil.

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